Meet Jaci Peña

Jaci Peña is a proud self-taught photographer, artist, and traveler originally from Miami, Florida. Her work is best described as bright, vibrant, and influential. She is an extremely creative and imaginative individual, always bringing a fresh perspective to her photography. Her fundamental signature includes Sunbursts, which is the sun captured as a large star shape. 

She began shooting in grade school and quickly grew an appreciation to the darkroom and the countless hours spent processing images. She later studied photography for a brief moment in college but soon transitioned into travel marketing jobs which allowed her to take her camera and shoot beautiful landscapes around the US. Few years later, she found herself in the commercial world of photography specializing in architecture, advertising, boutique hotels and food and drink photography. Her love for travel and fine art landscape photography has grown significantly throughout the years as well. Her portfolio contains numerous adventures from Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Argentina and Hawaii to name a few.

Today, she runs both a Commercial Photography company, The J Projects, and Jaci Pena Photography based in South Florida. When she isn’t in the studio or taking pictures, you can find her out on the water with her paddleboard.

Prints and Licensed images are available through her fine art website for purchase.

Interested in hiring Jaci for commercial work?

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